Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a few pictures...

Playing with Trains
Amanda on board the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego
Dad and Isaac playing with a sticker book Isaac got for his birthday from JaJa

Isaac giving me a look while we were at lunch

Playing on the tractors at Lowe's

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Isaac Turns 2

Thanks to everyone who came to Isaac's birthday party today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Trip To Sam's Club

Isaac and I went to Sam's Club yesterday to eat lunch and go shopping. He did quite a few very cute things.
1. He sat perfectly at the table while eating his pizza. When I tried to get him to eat in the cart he told me he did not want to go. When I accepted that, he offered me some of his pizza.
2. There was another little boy at the table next to us. This little boy was not listening to his parents. Isaac was watching him and I said, "He's not listening to his mommy and daddy." Isaac repeated back to me what I said and looked a little concerned. Then this little boy's father came got the boy to sit on his knee for a moment. All I heard was the start of his lecture. "You see that little boy over there..." I could not hear the rest. The boy had his lips way out in a dramatic frown and Isaac looks back at him and says, "He's sad dada."
3. The funniest thing he did the whole time was when a different little boy came walking by our table. Isaac watched him the whole time he went to his table. This little boy was very cute. He wore glasses. One of Isaac's current favorite shows is Little Einsteins. One of the characters on this show is a little boy who wears glasses. After watching him, Isaac turns to me and starts to sing "Little Einsteins..." I was 100% speechless.
4. He was in the cart for a couple of minutes and we drove by an older man in an electric scooter. This man was waiting in line and had a rather long face. Isaac noticed him before me and again says, "He's sad dada?"
5. When he was walking around Sam's Club later he would walk in front of people. He would then say, "Excuse me. You go ahead."

All in all it was a very fun trip.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's nap

In general, Isaac is having some sleep challenges. He had a little difficulty going down for a nap today. We hit a couple of road blocks (2 poopy diapers, thirst, unorganized pillows, lighting, temperature, air flow, etc...) Well, after about 20 minutes of quiet in the bed (I can't verify that sleep actually took place), Isaac came down the stairs while I was working. He gave me a mischevious look and then burried his face in the sofa in the office. I decided to leave him be and realized about 10 mintues later that I had not heard from him. He had fallen asleep while standing up and leaning over the sofa. A while later, he switched positions, and then, with my help, found his final, fully-horizontal, resting place. Take a look at the pictures:

As I am writing this post, he is still sleeping.