Saturday, December 19, 2009

Isaac says...

Before Tim arrives, Isaac was talking to him on the telephone and said: "Daddy, I think I might cry when I see you" [he was holding back the tears]...a moment later, "Daddy, can we wrestle?"

Today: "Daddy, I'm so happy you're here."
"Mama, I was thinking. I think we need to go to a play place today."
Isaac: "we need to ride on the train."
Tim: "we can't ride the train without a ticket."
Isaac: "well we need to buy a ticket at the station."
Tim: "well, I don't know where the station is."
Isaac: "Mama can show us where it is on the map."
"Are YOU kidding me?"
Tim: "Isaac, can you please teach Juliet how to go to sleep?"
Isaac: "Juliet, you lay down, close your eyes, and go NAAH, CHOO, NAAH, CHOO. That's how you go to sleep."
"How was your day?"
"Where is God?"

Oh...Juliet got her first tooth on Thursday.

Welcome to Virginia

Well, after 2 weeks of being without Tim, he was able to make it in just before the snow storm of the century. His plane arrived 2 hours late and without his luggage, but he is here and that is ALL that matters.
These past two weeks have been very difficult for me. There have been many nights with only a few hours of sleep due to Juliet's poor sleeping habits and her painful teething, just to wake up and do a full day. I know there are technics out there that will help me get Juliet to sleep better, but it doesn't seem possible when we are all sharing a room together or even in Mississippi when Juliet and Isaac are sharing a room together. Two nights ago, Juliet (and I)were suffering from an ear infection and a tooth coming in and was crying for between 1 and 2 hours in the middle of the night; Isaac woke up and said "mom, I'm still sleeping" if Juliet's crying was interupting him and he was requesting that I get her to sleep quickly so he could return to his slumber...oh, how I wish it were that easy, Isaac.
Most days have been bearable and even enjoyable, but other days have been complete disasters. I had the thought that if I had watched a video of myself with my kids 5 years ago, I would have called myself incompetent and unfit to be a mother. Some would have agreed, but I have a feeling all the mom's out there could really relate.
My mom has been great to bear my calling 4-5 times a day just for someone to talk to when Tim was at work. Thanks mom! Thank you also to Heidi, Bekah, Kyle, Charity, Ollie, Angie and Beth, and Chris, for your prayers, encouragement and help on our travels.
Here a few pictures of the highlights while Tim was away. Snow pictures to follow.

Heidi and Juliet walking at a one of our stops up to Virginia.

Austin, Jackson, and Isaac speechless as the 2009 Santa Train pulls up to the station.