Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Portrait

We are out of our house.

Our church family, once again, rose to the challenge of moving us last weekend and throughout the week. Nana (Amanda's mom) was here for the week and truly was a gift from God. We couldn't have accomplished this task without her there. She also took Charlie (our cat) under her care until we arrive at our new destination.

We finished up on Wednesday for the renters to move in on Thursday. Just in the nick of time. It was exhausting, and Juliet isn't sleeping any sounder in the night. We are resting today as we have no lawn work or household tasks to complete. Just rest and be together, that is our task list. It feels a bit awkward, but somehow I think I could get used to it!

Tim's job has yet to finalize our location in October, but we are almost sure it is going to be Pascagoula, Mississippi. We are also pretty sure he is going to begin on October 12. We are somewhat sure we are going to reside in Mobile, since there is really nothing in Pascagoula for us to do. Nothing, however, is finalize and in writing. No leases have been signed, the movers have not been ordered, the cars are not scheduled to be shipped, and no airlines reservations have been made.

We are currently staying with the Chatman's, dear friends from Pillar who graciously allowed us to stay in their home while we are waiting to be moved. They are wonderful and we have plenty of space for all that we need.

We were getting haircuts and having fun at the mall last night and I couldn't resist the photo machine. Love to all!

Monday, September 14, 2009

the kids

Isaac looks through binoculars to see a swan on the lake.
Juliet enjoys the smiling baby!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

conversations with my 2 year old

Isaac: Mom, my Leapster isn't working.
(mom comes over to help with the Leapster and it shuts off. I think it's been dropped too many times. Isaac takes the Diego game out.)
Isaac: Mom, get Dora, it will work.
Mom: okay, I'll get it.
Isaac: You will? That's wonderful!
Mom: Isaac, will you please put the diaper in the trash can and bring me the remote?
Isaac: Yes, Of course.
We go outside to get the mail and Isaac says:
"Mom, it such a nice day outside, isn't it?
Mom: yes, Isaac, it is beautiful!
Isaac: Do you think we could go to the park and play on the playground?
Mom: I think we could do that. That sounds like a good idea.
Isaac: yes, it is a good idea.....Mom, can I pee in the grass?
Isaac: Mama, Duleeuet (Juliet) is so pretty. Isn't she?
Mom: Yes, she is beautiful Isaac.

Not a conversation, but a homonym mistake: We were at Great Wolf on our vacation and Isaac loved the Arcade. After a while, he started calling it "My Cade". "Mama, can we go to "my cade"? I think he thought it was called "Our Cade", so he naturally he changed possession from plural to singular.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wednesday morning

It's wednesday morning. Isaac is still sleeping and Tim is off to work. Juliet will probably take a stab at solid foods today. The park is definitely on the's not quite 60 degrees outside right now! The idea of moving is still not concrete since we don't know where we'll go (in October). Can't make any plans. Just organize, clean, and paint! Bills are paid and dishes are done.
Just heard Isaac's door open.