Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disney...for free.

Tim scored tickets to Disney's Christmas Parade at the Magic Kingdom to be aired on ABC Christmas morning and taped on December 4. The idea that we could be on TV for the parade held only a little bit of interest to us, especially since they prepped us with a 4-hour time commitment where we may be positioned and not really free to move. We skipped out on that part and enjoyed the park for the day. Isaac and Juliet had a great time, and Tim and I may have had an even better time.

Two things happened immediately upon entering the ticket center. 1) I got stung by a bee on my index finger. 2) I lost my driver's license. At the time this picture was taken, I had been stung by the bee, but I had not yet noticed my driver's license missing.
According to the Weather Channel, the temperature was suppose to be much cooler, so Tim cut off the bottom of his pants and we had to buy Isaac a t-shirt for the day. Problem solved.
Waiting for Dumbo.
Isaac and me on Dumbo! Isaac controlled the up and down so the whole ride was a surprise to me!
Flying high...
Isaac wanted to ride the tea cups and Tim was not willing. That left me to go with Isaac. I wasn't sure how I would do...and sure enough, as soon as we started spinning, I felt very ill. So, I stared right at the center wheel and held my hands around my eyes so I could not see anything in my periphery. It worked and I got through it just fine. Isaac boasted proudly, "I didn't get dizzy at all!" So I took a picture of him below the sign so he could remember how he didn't get dizzy at all.
Waiting for the Tiki Room.
Waiting for the parade.
MICKEY!!! We all went ballistic!

Juliet finally fell asleep in the Carousel of Progress and slept peacefully through the people mover. We also believe this is the last picture you will see that features the Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey. He's missing.
Me and Isaac in front of the breathtaking castle just before we head out of the park.

While posting, I was on the phone with the Magic Kingdom lost and found that found my driver's license! But not Mickey:(

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010 in Vero Beach

Juliet playing with the iPhone while Tim tries to get a few extra minutes of sleep. Yes, she is perfectly savvy.

Grandpa and Juliet trick-or-treating.

Tim and Grandma taking the children home after the last house.

The Long Family trick-or-treating!

Isaac and Juliet playing at Grandma and Grandpas!

Grandpa and Isaac spending time together.

Juliet and Daddy carving the Jack-o-Lantern.

Juliet and Daddy during Juliet's teething days.

Isaac chillin' in the living room!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Up until now.

Well, we are all settled in to our new apartment in Orlando...Oviedo, to be exact. We could not be happier! In the two weeks we have been here, we have seen grandparents, gym friends, old and still wonderful friends and new friends...we have attended two different churches, gone to SeaWorld, driven on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean, eaten at amazing restaurants, attended a Trunk-or-Treat and we're getting ready for a whirlwind weekend of fun- and friend-filled times.
Our lives are truly blessed. Here are some pictures that we hope you enjoy!

Juliet owning the trunk-or-treat! She was a natural.
The Bernese Mountain Dog and the Astronaut.
My big boy...sniffle.
This photo was not staged. We found them like this right before bedtime. Tim and I are thankful that they love each other.
Juliet is feeding her baby doll chicken quesadilla.
Ready to swim.
Ready to lounge.
Ready for the ocean.
Hair cut time.
Juliet likes to play and sing with me. I like it, too.

There is too much to say with regard to how amazing our two little ones are. They astound us every day with their ambition, achievement, care, kindness, and fun. The costs, sacrifices, and messes are high and plenty, but in the few moments of quiet each day, it is clear that there is nothing else like being in the presence of the growth and development of these two human beings, to be a witness and experience the joy of the learning and applications of their minds and hearts...and we are willing and happy to offer this part of our lives to our children.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny things Isaac has said: Part II

Isaac: "Mom, don't forget to bring my drink to the gym".
Mom: "I won't forget Isaac. I don't forget much".
Isaac: "Well, you forget to comb my hair every day".


"I'm so smart, it hurts".


Isaac had his first dental visit and we were discussing that not only do we take care of our teeth on the outside, there are foods we can eat that will help our teeth and bones be strong and healthy. So, then came the subject of dairy foods.

Mom: "Dairy foods are things made from milk. So, foods like cheese and yogurt..."
Isaac: "and cookies".
Mom: "Nope, cookies are not made from milk".
Isaac: "But they sure are good for dipping in milk".


"Can you read me a story from your head"?


Monday, September 6, 2010

The latest in pictures

[above]At the computer before bed.
[below]What Juliet does with her feet when she doesn't want to be put down!
Getting ready to leave for the gym.
Daddy reading to Juliet. She loves books! Juliet will go and get one from the bookshelf and sit right down in his lap until he is ready to read it to her.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of his chocolate milk mustache.
Juliet is fond of playing in the sink these days. It keeps her occupied while I get ready for the day.
Isaac and Juliet playing in a bookshelf we use in our toy room for storage.
Daddy reading to the children.
Breakfast at the Long's.
I absolutely love this face.
Isaac at his first soccer camp.

He was less than pleased for the final ceremony. Juliet follows his lead.

Monday, July 26, 2010

no more bottles

At Juliet's 15-month well baby appointment last week, we were given the news to drop the bottles. We had been giving her bottles before her nap and before going to bed. Well, thankfully, she had zero problems going through this transition!!!! We had her throw away a bottle to symbolize the transition and although she was hesitant, she has gone to bed and slept pretty well since last week.
The next coming of age transition will come when we take away her NUK. Again, she only has it when she sleeps. Tim and I anticipate this being very difficult since she occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night when it has fallen out of her mouth and some part of her consciousness tells her she needs it. This morning, Tim said the day is coming soon when he is going to take the pacifier away from her. The doctor said it will take 3 days for her to reacclimate. Those 3 days will be like 3 thousand years at the Long house.
Also at the docs office, it was confirmed that she has grown significantly! I knew she was taller, but when we were told that she went from in between 50%-75% to 90% in height, I was surprised. All in all, she is a very healthy and happy girl and we are fascinated every day by her.

So, that being said, we only have one AVENT bottle (just in case...for visiting babies) in our house and I am praising God! I hated bottles and everything that came with them. I guess I am thankful to them in part due to their function; however, the cleaning, storing, and the SMELL (ugh, disgusting) will not be missed.

I do believe this marks a transition in our lives. No more babies. Today, about 15% of me is sad for these days to be gone...but the other 85% of me is rockin' out!

During our next move in October, I will be bringing our accoutrements for potty training Juliet. I guess I'm happy that it will be someone else's carpet she will be having accidents on!