Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disney...for free.

Tim scored tickets to Disney's Christmas Parade at the Magic Kingdom to be aired on ABC Christmas morning and taped on December 4. The idea that we could be on TV for the parade held only a little bit of interest to us, especially since they prepped us with a 4-hour time commitment where we may be positioned and not really free to move. We skipped out on that part and enjoyed the park for the day. Isaac and Juliet had a great time, and Tim and I may have had an even better time.

Two things happened immediately upon entering the ticket center. 1) I got stung by a bee on my index finger. 2) I lost my driver's license. At the time this picture was taken, I had been stung by the bee, but I had not yet noticed my driver's license missing.
According to the Weather Channel, the temperature was suppose to be much cooler, so Tim cut off the bottom of his pants and we had to buy Isaac a t-shirt for the day. Problem solved.
Waiting for Dumbo.
Isaac and me on Dumbo! Isaac controlled the up and down so the whole ride was a surprise to me!
Flying high...
Isaac wanted to ride the tea cups and Tim was not willing. That left me to go with Isaac. I wasn't sure how I would do...and sure enough, as soon as we started spinning, I felt very ill. So, I stared right at the center wheel and held my hands around my eyes so I could not see anything in my periphery. It worked and I got through it just fine. Isaac boasted proudly, "I didn't get dizzy at all!" So I took a picture of him below the sign so he could remember how he didn't get dizzy at all.
Waiting for the Tiki Room.
Waiting for the parade.
MICKEY!!! We all went ballistic!

Juliet finally fell asleep in the Carousel of Progress and slept peacefully through the people mover. We also believe this is the last picture you will see that features the Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey. He's missing.
Me and Isaac in front of the breathtaking castle just before we head out of the park.

While posting, I was on the phone with the Magic Kingdom lost and found that found my driver's license! But not Mickey:(