Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today, Tim and Isaac were rough-housing and Isaac hurt his arm. We're not sure exactly what is wrong, but we know it is nothing serious. It does hurt him to move it at all so we decided to put on a bandage and isolate it so he didn't continue to use it and injure it further. He is back to his normal self (after some breaking down and even waking up crying during his nap), but we will keep the bandage on for at least a day or two to be sure he doesn't continue to hurt it.

Nothing a little popcorn, Ovaltine, and TV can't take care of.
Trying to play while lame.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This has been a great week. Our friends, Salina and Austin, came over and Isaac and Austin got to play together two mornings in a row. One of the two mornings, Salina started me on my fitness regime and the second of the two, she watched the children while I worked on the daunting task of organizing all of the childrens clothes. A big shout out to Salina for her awesomeness this week!!
This morning was particularly fun. We went garage-sale-ing. We got a car racer ($1)!! Where last week, we got a whole box full of cars ($5). This was the perfect match up as you will see in two of the pictures. We took the whole box of cars and raced them two at a time to see which ones were the right size for the racer. You will also note that the cars that passed the preliminaries are nicely organized in the shoebox and the ones that are out of the race are not.
Juliet liked hanging out with the family. She is about 10.5 pounds now and making no progress with night sleeping. She sleeps well, but she wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat.