Monday, February 15, 2010

Isaac turns 3!

Since we were stuck in Virginia for 2 weeks, we celebrated Isaac's birthday several times over with different friends. All of those pictures are still on my phone; we are having some difficulty getting them on to the computer. So far, the cake total is up to 5 with at least one more planned. This was today's cake with our nuclear family on his actual birthday. Isaac doesn't like cake, but he likes that there is big fun and celebration due him on this day! He ended up eating a Dora popsicle.

Right now, we are sitting and watching olympic ice skating and Isaac seems to enjoy watching the people spinning, throwing, and flying on the ice.
Isaac is an amazing boy. He astounds us daily with his inquisitive mind, his sentence structure and his heart. Tim said to Isaac at dinner, "Isaac, I'm glad you're my son". Isaac responded, "I'm glad you're my daddy".
His favorite color is blue, but I just asked him and he said green.
His favorite food is chicken and french fries (Tim brought that home for Isaac's lunch today!)
His favorite toys are his Cars characters and trains.
When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he responds, "drive".
His favorite animal is a giraffe.
His favorite show (currently) is Chuggington.
He is happy in Mississippi.
He prefers to sleep in a room with Juliet rather than by himself.
He doesn't like getting his hair washed in the tub and he is terrified of showers.
He likes to go on adventures, but after a while, he just wants to be home.
He loves to play with Juliet and he is learning to teach her gently what is best for her.
He has funny attachments to things like our blue van, and the versa, the bridge we walk on "our bridge".
His imagination is growing and his wishes are becoming more elaborate. Today he said, he wants to play Hungry Hippos on the train in Disney World.
He just started (today) coloring/painting to the ends of the page and leaving no white space.
He dressed himself today, but it was not without lots of "encouragement". He did finally get the button. His attitude has hindered his progress. It's just so much easier when the parents do it!!
He likes to help cook. He will ask to bring the chair over to the counter to come watch and help.
His memories are far reaching and sometimes we can only vaguely recall what he could possibly be talking about.
Sometimes I look at him and see all the years passing before me like a flash. The sands are slipping through the glass. I do believe I am the luckiest momma in the world.
Isaac, you are the best!