Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ocean Springs Egg Hunt 2010

Isaac was not his normal self. He was sick the night before.

Juliet is so proud of her egg!

Running to show Isaac and Mama her egg!

Daddy teaching her the ropes.

Isaac waiting for his hunt to begin...really wanting to be in bed.

Excited to be on the slide!

Too much to write it all down...
We've had serious computer issues so our blog posting has gone by the wayside. AND we don't have picture editing software, so you'll just have to crop the photos mentally!

Our time in Mississippi is winding down and we are making plans for our return to Virginia. In just a few weeks we will be returning to our home for Tim's next rotation. He will not have the same job as before, not even the same office; but since the D.C. area is booming with his kind of work, it worked out that our house will come in handy! Our renters only needed a 6 month lease so it worked out very well.

Isaac and Juliet love each other very much. Neither of them put up with the other when personal preferences are infringed upon. For example, Isaac will try to sneak a toy away from Juliet when she's not looking. When she discovers it, she'll go after him with a scream and aggressive action. Isaac is getting smarter though. The other day, he took a toy from her that he wanted and replaced it with another he knew she would like, and she was so elated to have the new toy, she didn't even miss the first! Smart boy!

Isaac seems to be responding to behavior challenges with money and fun outings. He is rewarded with such things and they are taken away when his behavior suffers. He loves putting his coins in the piggy bank Nana gave him! He is learning quickly what our expectations are of him. He is still a typical 3 year old and has his melt-downs, but generally they are when he is hungry or tired, so we try to keep an eye on those things. He is a loving child. He loves those that are close to him very deeply. He cares for them and thinks of their needs. We are so glad to have him be a part of our family and can't imagine life without him.

Juliet is growing up so quickly. I can't decide if she is meeting her milestones quicker than Isaac or if the time is passing quicker, so it seems like it is going faster. I remember with Isaac's first year, each day seemed like a thousand years.
She has 4 teeth. She loves to walk and climb everywhere. She is very independent and does not hesitate to scream quite loudly when she doesn't get her way. I feel like this is common for second children. Do they want to be sure you don't forget about them? I don't know, but I love her so much it confounds me.

Enjoy the pictures from Juliet's first egg hunt (Ocean Springs, MS). She had a BLAST! and it was so much FUN for Isaac and I to cheer her on when she was going for it! She picked up the concept quickly and didn't want to stop! She was very proud of her eggs! Isaac had a hunt, too, but he was sick the night before and was still not feeling too well when his turn came around. He wasn't himself all morning, but I'm hoping a good nap will help him.