Monday, July 26, 2010

no more bottles

At Juliet's 15-month well baby appointment last week, we were given the news to drop the bottles. We had been giving her bottles before her nap and before going to bed. Well, thankfully, she had zero problems going through this transition!!!! We had her throw away a bottle to symbolize the transition and although she was hesitant, she has gone to bed and slept pretty well since last week.
The next coming of age transition will come when we take away her NUK. Again, she only has it when she sleeps. Tim and I anticipate this being very difficult since she occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night when it has fallen out of her mouth and some part of her consciousness tells her she needs it. This morning, Tim said the day is coming soon when he is going to take the pacifier away from her. The doctor said it will take 3 days for her to reacclimate. Those 3 days will be like 3 thousand years at the Long house.
Also at the docs office, it was confirmed that she has grown significantly! I knew she was taller, but when we were told that she went from in between 50%-75% to 90% in height, I was surprised. All in all, she is a very healthy and happy girl and we are fascinated every day by her.

So, that being said, we only have one AVENT bottle (just in case...for visiting babies) in our house and I am praising God! I hated bottles and everything that came with them. I guess I am thankful to them in part due to their function; however, the cleaning, storing, and the SMELL (ugh, disgusting) will not be missed.

I do believe this marks a transition in our lives. No more babies. Today, about 15% of me is sad for these days to be gone...but the other 85% of me is rockin' out!

During our next move in October, I will be bringing our accoutrements for potty training Juliet. I guess I'm happy that it will be someone else's carpet she will be having accidents on!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fun with photo booth

I can't find the charger to my camera battery since the move, so we are having to use the computers camera to catch some recent shots!

Juliet has been so sick this week, but we got the report from the doctor that she has healed and is allowed to reenter society. Should be a good weekend with visits from the grandparents.