Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny things Isaac has said: Part II

Isaac: "Mom, don't forget to bring my drink to the gym".
Mom: "I won't forget Isaac. I don't forget much".
Isaac: "Well, you forget to comb my hair every day".


"I'm so smart, it hurts".


Isaac had his first dental visit and we were discussing that not only do we take care of our teeth on the outside, there are foods we can eat that will help our teeth and bones be strong and healthy. So, then came the subject of dairy foods.

Mom: "Dairy foods are things made from milk. So, foods like cheese and yogurt..."
Isaac: "and cookies".
Mom: "Nope, cookies are not made from milk".
Isaac: "But they sure are good for dipping in milk".


"Can you read me a story from your head"?


Monday, September 6, 2010

The latest in pictures

[above]At the computer before bed.
[below]What Juliet does with her feet when she doesn't want to be put down!
Getting ready to leave for the gym.
Daddy reading to Juliet. She loves books! Juliet will go and get one from the bookshelf and sit right down in his lap until he is ready to read it to her.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of his chocolate milk mustache.
Juliet is fond of playing in the sink these days. It keeps her occupied while I get ready for the day.
Isaac and Juliet playing in a bookshelf we use in our toy room for storage.
Daddy reading to the children.
Breakfast at the Long's.
I absolutely love this face.
Isaac at his first soccer camp.

He was less than pleased for the final ceremony. Juliet follows his lead.