Friday, October 29, 2010

Up until now.

Well, we are all settled in to our new apartment in Orlando...Oviedo, to be exact. We could not be happier! In the two weeks we have been here, we have seen grandparents, gym friends, old and still wonderful friends and new friends...we have attended two different churches, gone to SeaWorld, driven on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean, eaten at amazing restaurants, attended a Trunk-or-Treat and we're getting ready for a whirlwind weekend of fun- and friend-filled times.
Our lives are truly blessed. Here are some pictures that we hope you enjoy!

Juliet owning the trunk-or-treat! She was a natural.
The Bernese Mountain Dog and the Astronaut.
My big boy...sniffle.
This photo was not staged. We found them like this right before bedtime. Tim and I are thankful that they love each other.
Juliet is feeding her baby doll chicken quesadilla.
Ready to swim.
Ready to lounge.
Ready for the ocean.
Hair cut time.
Juliet likes to play and sing with me. I like it, too.

There is too much to say with regard to how amazing our two little ones are. They astound us every day with their ambition, achievement, care, kindness, and fun. The costs, sacrifices, and messes are high and plenty, but in the few moments of quiet each day, it is clear that there is nothing else like being in the presence of the growth and development of these two human beings, to be a witness and experience the joy of the learning and applications of their minds and hearts...and we are willing and happy to offer this part of our lives to our children.